"How To Begin Your GAMSAT Study To Get A Great Score - For Nurses"


Thursday, June 27th •

7pm Bris/Melb/Syd


Presented by: Dr Tom Forfa

Even if you work/study full-time or have no science background (or both!) you'll discover:

  • An exclusive look into what’s in each section of the exam, the truth behind what they’re really testing you on, and the proven ways to study for it.
  • An almost fool proof way to actually get started in your preparation (whether you already have some materials or not)... I’ll give you the exact 5 quick-start-steps to follow.
  • The most important and often little-known books and materials you should read and how best to use them so you don’t waste your time and end up getting a bad score.
  • The unexpected truth about how much time you need to prepare before this exam, especially if you’re working or at uni.
  • The major study flaw that causes 80% of people to “fail” the GAMSAT (even up to 7 times!) and eventually give up, and the most certain way to avoid being one of them.
  • The startling discovery that can potentially help people with no science background whatsoever perform better than most science students.
  • Surprising solutions to preparing for the written section, particularly if you haven’t written an essay in years and your grammar sucks.
  • The real reason why science students (even with high GPAs) get low GAMSAT scores, and the number 1 rule you must follow if you want to avoid the same fate.
  • The simple “laundry list” of things you must read for the humanities section no matter how bad your vocab is.
  • Exploding the myth of practice questions, and what to do instead that’s about 10X more effective.

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