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🔎 GAMSAT Diagnostic Week 🔍

Uncover Your Strengths, Conquer Your Weaknesses & Create An Unstoppable GAMSAT Study Plan

GAMSAT Diagnostic Week
Starts on Monday 17th June, 2024


Get ready to...

  • Uncover Your Weaknesses (Without Wasting Time): Identify exactly what's holding you back in Sections 1 & 3 of the GAMSAT with our free diagnostic tests. No more floundering, just laser-focused study.
  • Personalised Power-Up Plan: Get a clear roadmap to GAMSAT success based on YOUR unique strengths and weaknesses. Stop spinning your wheels and strategically target your most impactful study areas.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Seeing progress is the ultimate motivator. Our diagnostic week will validate your strengths and give you a clear path to improvement, leaving you feeling confident and ready to conquer the GAMSAT.
  • Upgrade and Conquer Section 2 (Optional): For a well-rounded assessment, add our optional Section 2 essay analysis to your diagnostic week. We'll dissect your writing and provide expert feedback to help you master this crucial section.

…all in under 7 days!

Normally only offered to our paying Bootcamp members — join GAMSAT Diagnostic Week for free!

How GAMSAT Diagnostic Week Works:

#1 - Register for GAMSAT Diagnostic Week for FREE using the button on this page.

#2 - On Monday June 17th, we’ll email you a free online S1 and S3 Diagnostic test that you must complete (and review!) by Sunday June 23rd. Takes < 3hrs

#3 - Complete your tests, then book a free 1-on-1 call with our team of experts to review your results and build an effective study plan just for YOU.

Meet Your Host:

Dr Tom Forfa

Medical Doctor, coach, entrepreneur, philanthropist, big fan of dad jokes, and all-round personal development junkie.

Important Dates:

  • Registration: NOW
  • Start: 17th June 2024
  • End: 23rd Jan 2024
  • Review: Book your free 1-on-1 planning call with our team any time after you complete your tests!

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