The Proven Way To Increase Your Score, Get Over 70 and Never Do the GAMSAT Again!

(….even if you’ve never done the GAMSAT before!)


Thursday, June 27th @ 7pm Bris/Melb/Syd

Presented by: Dr Tom Forfa

Medical doctor, GAMSAT expert, and big fan of dad jokes, with 16+ years experience helping people crush this highly unusual exam.

Whether you work or study full-time, have no science background (or both!) you'll discover:

  • How to start your prep the right way with our 3-step method (that works whether you have study resources or not)
  • "No science background = No worries!" I’ll show you what my students have done to score higher than people with a science background. (It requires some extra work, but our research shows that if done the way I show you, it will actually save you time and money.)
  • The truth about how much time you really need to prepare before this exam, especially if you’re working or at uni.
  • The most important books and materials you must read and how best to use them so you don’t get a bad score
  • The best way to prepare for the essay section, especially if you haven’t written an essay in years and you don’t know what to write about.
  • Why science students can stop worrying about the science section once they understand the “Golden Rule” for S3.
  • The vital list of things you must read for the humanities section no matter how bad your English literature skills are

Ready to maximise your time, boost your score and increase your chances of getting into the Med School of your dreams?