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Thank Flip offers the best GAMSAT preparation courses for everyone who plans on taking the infamous GAMSAT exam soon. With a GAMSAT preparation course, you’ll get all the GAMSAT training needed with exam-level practice questions. The best GAMSAT classes to prepare you for the exam must be innovative and comprehensive and teach according to your needs and schedule. That’s exactly what you can expect from Thank Flip.

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We’re that very different GAMSAT company who everyone either loves… or loves to hate, helping you to not just get through the GAMSAT, but also…

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Our GAMSAT Australia preparation courses teach both the required level of knowledge and the reasoning skills that the exam demands. The courses are intense and designed to emulate the style and demands of teaching you will encounter in a graduate programme at medical school. Thank Flip has been guiding students in Australia to achieve top scores in GAMSAT and realize their dream of a rewarding career in medicine. With the assistance of our knowledgeable tutors, your GAMSAT scores can rise to above 70%. Our devoted tutors will show you such techniques that will accelerate your average score.

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This FAQ is just a quick set of questions to point you in the right direction. For more detailed answers, check out our blog. As for getting started, first things first, you need to understand the GAMSAT itself, how it works, and where you stand on its requirements. For that I recommend getting our free “GAMSAT Manifesto”. You can scroll down to the footer to get it. But it covers everything you need to get started, busts through many myths about this exam, includes a diagnostic test and shows you how to get started.

Once you understand the basics of how the GAMSAT works (if you don’t then get our Manifesto for all the juice details) then it’s time to sit a practice paper. Yep. A practice paper under exam timing now. Don’t study first. Doing the paper now will show you how the questions work, what you struggle with, and what to work on. If you study topics now instead you’ll spend a few weeks or months learning stuff, then do a paper and realise none of it helped anyway because you still got most of it wrong. Instead do the paper now to better direct your study. Then you can have a chat to one of our team on a free GAMSAT Tutoring Session to help you get started.

This is a big question that can’t be addressed adequately in an FAQ. The short answer is, it depends on what you’re struggling with. (Problem is, GAMSAT doesn’t give you feedback so you don’t really know.) The best way that we know is for you to chat with our team on a free Tutoring session where they will get to know you and you’r challenges, to the bottom of your problem areas, show you what’s been missing, and what you can do about it.

Don’t feel bad, bro. We’ve all thought about it. But don’t do it. It won’t help. Believe me. The GAMSAT isn’t ‘written’ anymore, it’s a digital exam. So ink isn’t needed anyway …

In the 70s or more. This puts you in the top 10%. You might be able to get in with a lower score depending on the uni and other factors such as GPA, portfolio, rural status, and extra credit. But as a general rule, aiming for 70+ will get you an interview just about anywhere.

This is the fear of failure you have around the GAMSAT, it’s the self-doubt you feel with the science section, or essays, or humanities, it’s the overwhelm you get with the GAMSAT more than any other exam, it’s the stress of ‘keeping up,’ it’s the feeling that you’re not worthy to be a doctor anyway, it’s your ‘inner mean girl’ (or boy) talking crap in your ear, and more. All of which hold you back and cause you to underdo your preparation. It is what no one else is talking about, except us. It’s kind of our thing.

a. Lol. If she’s paying, sure. Otherwise, you’re a big kid now and need to do this by yourself. But seriously, parents don’t help if they get too involved in ‘researching’ GAMSAT or are pushing their kids into doing this. So if you’re that parent, STOP! You’re raising an adult, not a child. It’s up to them to do with their future what they will. Your job is now over (other than the financing, of course. Got to get them out of the house first). And if you’re the child of that parent, STOP! You’re as much to blame as your parents. Either tell them you don’t want to do this and want to be a graphic designer (or whatever), or step up and prove to them that you can be trusted to make a decision about GAMSAT and follow through with it.

a. It’s our guiding philosophy to not just crush the GAMSAT but also become a f*cking great doctor. Look, the content of this exam (or as we call it, skillset) isn’t necessarily the ‘hard part’. We cover that just like any other GAMSAT prep provider. But there are two other factors that no one talks about that are just as important: Mindset and Work Ethic. Mindset is discussed in this FAQ, Work Ethic is not what you’d expect. Yes, it’s about how many hours you put in, but also, how to make the time to study, how to have the energy to do the hours (it’s not those who have the energy but those who generate it), what intensity to study at, when and for how long, time management, priorities, balancing life, and it’s especially relevant for people who work, have kids or uni. The GAMSAT Pyramid combines all three – Skillset, mindset and Work Ethic

There isn’t one answer to this, especially not for a short FAQ. Your best bet it to get the ‘GAMSAT Manifesto’ which goes into more depth and has an exercise to help you as well.

First, you need to understand that for the study period, GAMSAT has to be either #1 or #2 priority. Not forever, just for the study period. Get help with the kids, take time off work, or cancel whatever you can to free up more time. Next, you need to focus on what’s most important in your study i.e. be specific and effective with your study. That way the time you spend studying will actually help, and finally, address your energy levels. You’re busy, study is tiring, so we often talk to our Bootcampers and high performance and recharge habits to keep you going.

We can help you with the Skillset (what’s needed to answer the GAMSAT questions for each section, and interviews), the Mindset (how to best mentally and emotionally approach this exam), and the WorkEthic (how to Get. It. Done.) You can find out more by getting the Manifesto or talking to our team about how we can help you.


We know a thing or two about creating f*cking great doctors.

If you’re looking for guidance through the crazy journey of getting into postgraduate medical school – look no further.


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