The Humanities BootCamp seeks to emphasize the skills of critical thinking and logic, but also sensitivity to the emotional nuances of words and information. These are essential to a medical career, and almost all medical departments now use tests that seek to assess how a person might approach a patient or process information of different kinds, regardless of academic background.  

Our humanities and social sciences GAMSAT course will introduce key characteristics of the Section I paper, such as underlying structure and rationale, cascades, red herrings, and verbal camouflage. These and other integral features relating to critical thinking and linguistic reasoning are followed by an in-depth analysis of examples by our expert GAMSAT humanities tutor. These have been carefully constructed and added to over the years to produce insights and reinforce techniques. The Humanities BootCamp is accompanied by simulated questions with full detailed explanatory answers. In section I, we analyse and teach all of the key reasoning skills the exam demands, through our unique programme of training in the humanities and social sciences. This is supplemented with an extensive question bank derived from our experience of the examination.

Humanities And Social Sciences GAMSAT

Designed to prepare students from every background, our courses will always be able to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the GAMSAT. We use only the same specialist GAMSAT tutors for each section and in each of the sciences, who teach our courses. we teach all of the core material and develop the extensive reasoning skills the exam requires. Students are provided with extensive pre-course reading and guidance and have full access to head tutors at all times after enrolment. The aim is to provide a full holistic preparation where help is always available and questions never go unanswered.

We provide extensive notes and pre-course guidance in advance, but the aim of the Humanities BootCamp is to develop reasoning skills through detailed question analysis, rather than teach all of the scientific and humanities information required. Do you think you need assistance in crushing the GAMSAT? Thank Flip focuses on creating fu*king Great Doctors through GAMSAT education, so worry not, we’ve got your back. We will be there every step of the way to allow you to become more confident and master your GAMSAT skills in a blink of an eye. Yes, it can be that easy with Thank Flip.


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