PassGAMSAT is now Thank Flip: Why? And why should I care?

I’m glad you asked! 

It made more sense to do this post in a Q&A format. So here it is.


Q: Why should I care about your rebrand?

You shouldn’t!


It has pretty much nothing to do with you… unless, of course, you’ve ever felt the fear of failure creep in when studying for the GAMSAT, or even just thinking about studying for it.


If you’ve doubted whether you’re smart enough, 

Good enough, 

Pretty enough, 

Or even worthy to become a doctor and so maybe you’ve doubted whether you ‘have what it takes’ to actually do well on this life changing, high stakes, dream-creating exam.

Then again, 

Who hasn’t felt some of that about the GAMSAT!

I know I did when I sat it the first time.

(Hi… I should probably introduce myself for those who don’t know me. I’m Dr Tomasz Forfa, founder of PassGAMSAT and now, Thank Flip.)

I also felt that same fear of failure and self-doubts again the second time I sat it.

And the third.

(Because I kept messing up this f*cking thing 😜)

Plus the first time I applied for interviews – wondering if I’d get one.

And the second time I applied for interviews.

And the third!

Then I felt it the first time I actually did an interview (and proceeded to fail it).

And… the second time I did an interview, and finally got in.

Then, even when … 

I got into medical school, I worried if I was going to be able to keep up.

When I started working as a doctor I also worried if I was good enough.

And so on and so forth because …

This shyt doesn’t stop, guys!

Having these doubts and fears doesn’t mean you’re broken or unworthy (I still get them years after becoming a doctor). However, if they’re not addressed then they will lead to a result which confirms your doubts i.e. a bad result.

What got me through despite all these fears and mistakes …

Is that at every step I had techniques and skills that helped me perform at my best. They helped me to recover faster and get back on the horse when my best wasn’t good enough. They helped me to keep going, keep learning, and keep trying… until… I got there.

In fact, I still use them to this day.

This is what we’ve been teaching our members for years at PassGAMSAT (and now Thank Flip) and have developed incredible methodologies, such as the GAMSAT Pyramid, to help you grow and be the person you need to, and want to, be. It has helped them not only with GAMSAT, but in medical school and as doctors.

Q: So then why the rebrand?

Frankly, the old one was crap. Haha

(Did you ever see it?!)

No, look, it was good at the time but we’ve outgrown our old brand and even the name, “PassGAMSAT.”

We’re about so much more than just GAMSAT, and just ‘passing’ it.

More importantly, your journey of getting into medical school is about so much more than just the Physics, Chem and Poetry. There are the reasoning skills for one thing (which is what the GAMSAT is really testing, rather than science knowledge) and, even more so, there are things like fear of failure, your self-doubts, staying motivated, feeling unworthy or not smart enough to be a doctor, and so much more.

The stuff I just talked about above.

That’s what we call “Mindset”, or GAMSAT Mindset.

(Interesting side note: Often, if your mindset is a mess around GAMSAT it’s probably the same in other areas of your life. When we fix the GAMSAT side, it flows onto the rest of your life too and things start changing there as well. It’s pretty amazing.)

Point being …

If your GAMSAT mindset is a mess then you’re probably not going to even start your GAMSAT study, and if you do it’ll be half-assess and terrible preparation because you’re so scared of failing, so busy doubting yourself, that you’re not giving it the effort and headspace that it truly requires.

This applies to people doing the GAMSAT for the first time and it’s even worse for those repeating it because a lot of those initial doubts have been confirmed by the first bad result.

So mindset needs to be addressed along with the Physics, Chem, Reasoning and the other skills and knowledge.

We’ve known this for years and taught it internally to our paying members, and touched on it in our free resources too, but now it’s time to really step into it and let it be seen in our overall brand.

That’s why we’re rebranding.

Thank Flip will show ‘em who we really are.

Q: What’s Thank Flip about, then?

Our philosophy at Thank Flip is based around our …

GAMSAT Pyramid.

For the full story on this, download our “GAMSAT Manifesto: How to Crush the GAMSAT, Get Into the Medical School of Your Choice, and Become a F*cking Great Doctor”.

But the TL;DR version is there are three tenets to the GAMSAT Pyramid:

Mindset, Skillset, and WorkEthic

Mindset is about managing things like overwhelm, stress, fear of failure, self-doubt, feeling not smart enough, unworthiness around being a doctor, procrastination, distractibility and everything else that goes on in your mind and heart that’s holding you back from giving this exam 100%. If this gets the better of you then you either won’t do the study, won’t do it well, or will sabotage the whole thing.

Skillset is about the knowledge, the principles and GAMSAT skills that are actually being tested in each section of this exam. It’s what most people think of when they study for this exam (although they tend to get it wrong anyway) Do the wrong stuff here and it doesn’t matter how much you work or how confident you are, you ain’t gonna make it.

Work ethic seems self explanatory, but it’s not. Yes, it’s about how many hours to put in, but also, how to have the energy to do the hours (those who get in are not those who have the energy but those who generate it), what intensity to study at, when and for how long, time management, balancing life, especially for people who work, have kids or uni. 

At Thank Flip we lead with Mindset and then address the rest.

Q: Does that mean you’re some kind of self-help, personal development company now?

Kind of.

We don’t just teach GAMSAT preparation, or just help with applications and interviews.

Rather, we create F*cking GREAT Doctors.

But we use GAMSAT preparation as the tool to do so.

Part of our philosophy is to grow, be awesome, and get through GAMSAT as a consequence.

Here’s the thing:

What’s the point of becoming a doctor but not being able to handle the pressure?

What’s the point learning, or trying to learn the science topics but being so afraid and full of doubt that it leads nowhere …

Or not being able to deal with the pressure during the preparation or the actual exam.

Burn out, depression and suicide are too common in medicine. 

(Look it up, it’s pretty shocking).

Learning what we teach in our GAMSAT BulletProof Mindset Training™ now will make you a stronger, happier and more resilient doctor then.

And learning it now as you prepare for GAMSAT will make the difference between saying that you once ‘gave medicine a go’ versus actually making it through and becoming a doctor.

Our results over the last 15 years have only added to our belief in this. 

We’ve known about it for a while. 

And now we’re screaming it from the rooftops at Thank Flip. 

Q: So how does Thank Flip actually help me do all of this?

By using our overarching philosophy call our “GAMSAT Pyramid”.

As well as the many other methodologies we’ve created over the last 15 years including things like GAMSAT BulletProof Mindset Training™, our Bootcamp programs and more. You can find out how it may help you by have a free conversation with our team here.

Q: Lol, what the hell is a “GAMSAT Pyramid”?

It’s our philosophy around GAMSAT prep (and life, really).

It’s a fun way of expressing the fact that just having the Skillset (knowledge of Physics, chem, poetry, etc.) is not enough to perform well on GAMSAT these days, and more so, to be a F*cking GREAT Doctor.

It takes three things, three sides of the Pyramid:



Work ethic

These are the tenets of our philosophy, three sides of a pyramid, and without any one of them you’re not going to make it.

They are all important.

Problem is,

Every Lone-Wolf Tutor stalking the online GAMSAT wilderness and the Corporate-Chicken-Farm-Tutoring companies littering every university campus across the country only focus on one of them:

The Skillset.

(And they often do it poorly, at that!)

That’s all they can and will help you with.

Even if they see our philosophy and try to copy it – which, guaranteed one of them ill, and you’ll soon see lots of cheap rip offs trying to look and sound like us – they don’t know how to do it. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. All they have is physics, chem and bio knowledge.

We, on the other hand, have the GAMSAT Pyramid.

It’s sooo much better. lol

Q: Ok, this all sounds interesting but how do I know it will actually help me?

You don’t, really.

(Not what you expected me to say, ay?)

At least not from just reading this.

Frankly, it’s not for everyone. We’re not for everyone.

So, have a look around at our other stuff.

Read our Manifesto, the blog, attend one of our free digital meet-ups, listen to our new podcast, subscribe to our daily emails, or even talk to one of our team on a free tutoring session to see how this might help you.

And decide for yourself.

And look, even if you do all of that…

I know Thank Flip isn’t for everyone.

We don’t want it to be.

We’re not for everyone. And not everyone is for us.

But those who get it, will GET IT and LOVE it.

We don’t want to “sell to everyone.”

Ours is a selection process.

Not everyone is willing to do what we suggest, not everyone is willing to do what it takes to get into medicine.

We regularly turn people away.

… While others are turned away by our style.

We’re always going to be honest with you even if it ‘makes us look back’ because, you know, we actually care. So the truth might be hard to hear at times. We promise to be delicate, mostly.

At other times we say stuff that upsets people. They’re just different, we’re different, we don’t gel, and we’re never going to get along. I’m ok with that too.

And sometimes we say stuff just ‘cause it’s funny.

Point is, if you get us and like what we’re about then good, and if you don’t then that’s cool too.

Q: Why’d you name it Thank Flip, btw?

Time and time again when we talked to our students,

Be it when the first found us online and read my emails,

Or when they first joined our Bootcamp,

Or when they finally started getting the answers correct,

Got a great GAMSAT score,

Got an interview,


When they opened that email and read the words, “Congratulations, we’d like to offer you a position at…”

The overwhelming feeling was a sense of…


“Thank F*ck!” they’d say.

Thank Flip is a more ASIC-friendly ways of saying it (ASIC is the government body who tracks and approves company names).

So, Thank Flip it is.

Thank Flip you’re here!

You made it through the GAMSAT wilderness and survived long enough to find us.

Now you can Flip your GAMSAT results.

Flip your life story.

Flip off the naysayers and people who doubted you.

Flip off your old dead-end job.

And live a Flipping great life by being as…

F*cking GREAT Doctor.

Q: What kind of courses do you have and how much are they?


Hold your horses.

We’re classy broads over here at Thank Flip. (Believe it or not)

Let’s have dinner before we jump into bed together 😉

Right now, you’re in one of three positions. Each has a different course of action.

So here they are:

1 – You LOVE what you see and want to join one of our courses ASAP.

In which case, click here to have a chat with our team.

They will walk you through our stuff, find out what you need help with, what your situation is, what you want to achieve, create a plan to help you get there, and see if and how we can help you do that.

2 – You’re researching and want to know more before you make any decisions about us.

Register for our next free live event. You can get the invitation by joining our mailing list. You’ll meet our team, see how we do things, what we teach, get ‘feel’ for us and learn a bunch about GAMSAT and our Pyramid too.

3 – You’re just looking, want to learn more from us and stay in touch.If you haven’t already, get the Manifesto. If you do you’ll also get emails with GAMSAT tips, motivation, tips and advice.


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