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The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is undoubtedly one of the most challenging exams that any aspiring doctor will have to face in postgraduate medical courses at the top universities in Australia. That’s why many students decide to take top-rated GAMSAT courses to prepare for the exam. At Thank Flip, we offer a range of courses that you can find right here in our GAMSAT BootCamp section. Do you want to brush up on your science section? Would you prefer to test your essay writing abilities or you’d prefer to have a mockup test for all three sections? Thank Flip offers it all. Take a look at the entire GAMSAT BootCamp offer and start your exam prep immediately.

GAMSAT BootCamps
we offer:

● Science BootCamp
● The GAMSAT Mindset BootCamp
● Interview BootCamp
● Essay BootCamp
● Humanities BootCamp

Science BootCamp

Acing the GAMSAT has never been easier with Thank Flip’s exceptional GAMSAT science course. A GAMSAT science tutor will teach you not just the Physics, Chemistry, Poetry, Essay writing and other knowledge needed to crush the GAMSAT. We also teach you reasoning, exam, and other GAMSAT skills. Concepts are taught with an emphasis on how they apply to the GAMSAT setting so that you can concentrate on what is necessary rather than everything. You will also gain insight into the right approach to tackling GAMSAT questions.

The GAMSAT Mindset BootCamp

Thank Flip is here to offer the unique GAMSAT Mindset BootCamp to help all future doctors get into the right mindset that will take them successfully through all the sections of the GAMSAT. Our GAMSAT Mindset BootCamp helps students perfect their stress management strategies in those weeks leading up to the GAMSAT. In our helpful Mindset BootCamp, we will discuss the best strategies that prevent you from last-minute studying prior to a high-stakes exam as it’s been proven to be counterproductive. Learn all there is to know about anxiety-inducing activities such as last-minute studying and find ways to stop yourself from doing them.

Essay BootCamp

The written communication section requires you to create a response to a quote set rather than answer specific questions. It tests your ability to develop two pieces of writing. If you’ve never been an expert in writing essays, you will need help with knowing how to ace the GAMSAT essays. At Thank Flip, we know the best way to help students develop their essay writing skills, and improve their Section II Written Communication score in GAMSAT. You will work with an exceptional GAMSAT essay tutor who will guide you through preparation strategies and provide you with essential tools to help improve your essay-writing skills.

Humanities BootCamp

The Humanities BootCamp seeks to emphasise the skills of critical thinking and logic, but also sensitivity to the emotional nuances of words and information. Our humanities and social sciences GAMSAT course will introduce key characteristics of the Section I paper, such as underlying structure and rationale, cascades, red herrings, and verbal camouflage. These and other integral features relating to critical thinking and linguistic reasoning are followed by an in-depth analysis of examples by our expert GAMSAT humanities tutor. These have been carefully constructed and added to over the years to produce insights and reinforce techniques.


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