You've Got Your GAMSAT Score, Now What?

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting An Interview, Crush Your Interview & Get Into Medical School!

(Even If Your Score Is Lower Than You’d Hoped)

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Worried About Your GAMSAT Scores? You're Not Alone.

Congratulations on conquering the GAMSAT! 

You’ve done the prep, sat the test and taken a massive step towards your dream of becoming a doctor. But the path doesn’t end there. Medical Schools consider the whole picture – and that includes acing the application and interview stages.

Many GAMSAT takers worry their score might not be enough or want to be as prepared as possible. So you might be surprised to know that even a ‘low’ score is not the end of the road. There are many other factors to consider in your application.

After 17+ years of helping people get into Med School, we’ve seen it all and know what it takes to get you through the final two hurdles: your application and interviews. 

"I Realised That A Lot Of It Was Mindset..."

“No matter what your score (is), chuck your hat in the ring! My score wasn’t the greatest, but I passed all three sections, chose my Universities (based) on where I had the best chance of getting in – not where I wanted to be a student – and now, I’m going to Notre Dame in Freemantle.” 🎉 
Ashleigh Beaman, Future MD

Get The Edge On Your Competition

If you’re hoping you can just tick some boxes in your Med School applications and watch as everything falls into place, you’re in for a shock. It’s no surprise that getting into a Medical School is competitive but what most people don’t realise just how nuanced the application process can be. 

Even with high scores, it’s not unusual for people to miss out on interviews because of the wrong preference order.

On the other hand, even with a less-than-ideal GAMSAT score, it’s possible to beat out your competition and gain that coveted interview invite (or multiple invites!)

But you don’t have to navigate it alone ⬇

"I'd Spent Money On Other Courses That Didn't Help At All"

“It feels like you’re actually talking to people that care about you on a personal level which is so important through this whole process. It can be quite emotionally taxing applying to Med School and getting a rejection or having to answer a question in interview prep. Because it’s such a small group — you genuinely feel that (care).”
Shams, Future MD

Securing The All-Important Interview Invite:
Applications Bootcamp

The Applications Bootcamp is built to help you maximise your chances of getting an interview with practical insights, expert guidance, and actionable tips to help you stand out.

Delivered through a combination of video lessons, worksheets and live online classes, we include everything you need to navigate the confusing process of applying for medicine. 

You’ll see where you stand, identify your hidden advantages, navigate the bonuses, set strategic preference orders, and avoid common pitfalls — setting you up for the best possible chance of getting an interview invite, even if your score is lower than you’d hoped.

Inside four life-changing lessons and bonus masterclass, you will gain:


  • Actionable Strategies: Learn proven methods for crafting a strong application, including an Applications Audit and Interview Maximiser.
  • Strategic GEMSAS Preferences: Gain insights into GEMSAS, how to order your preferences, and avoid common pitfalls.
  • The Right Support: Receive feedback and learn often-misses information in the evolving climate during our Members-Only classes.
  • CASPer Test Success: Discover effective strategies and practical tips to excel in this critical assessment

"It Felt Good Knowing All My Effort Had Paid Off"

“The brutal honesty that we get during Bootcamp is very good (please don’t stop!) Knowing what to expect was refreshing and prepared me so well that I actually felt calm going into the interview.”
Bruno Scarpelli, Future MD

Impressing The Panel And Getting Your Well-Earned Med School Offer:
Interview Bootcamp

Much like the GAMSAT exam, acing your Med School interview is not what it seems. To knock the socks off your interview panel, you won’t be able to memorise any answers, or ‘just be yourself.’ 

To excel in this arena, you’re going to need a very specific set of skills, the right sort of knowledge and a level of confidence that only comes from real-life practice scenarios. 

All of which we provide inside the Interview Bootcamp. 

Our structured program — led by a former interviewer — contains 4-meticulously designed modules, each building on the previous one.

Inside the Interview Bootcamp, you will: 

  • Master the Fundamentals: Understand your university, identify strengths & weaknesses, and grasp effective interview principles.
  • Ace Direct Questions: Master frameworks to address medical ethics and craft strong, tailored answers to any question.
  • Navigate Ethical Scenarios: Utilise frameworks to tackle unfamiliar ethical dilemmas with confidence and competence.
  • Refine Your Skills: Master body language, build rapport, boost confidence, and conquer nerves. Learn best practices for MMIs.

Plus you’ll have access to: 

  • Massive Question Bank: Access a comprehensive database of real medical school interview questions.
  • Live Mock Interviews (Twice Weekly!): Get interactive practice, model answers, and personalised feedback in live online classes.

Whether it’s in person, MMI, online, or talking to a camera, we have you covered for all medical school interviews.

"I Finally Felt Like I Had A Chance!"

“The fact that I got an interview after so many tries was mind-blowing. Thank you so much for taking me into your Bootcamp — you’ve helped me achieve a dream I’ve had since I was little girl.”
Kushani, Future MD

At Thank Flip, We Don't Use Gimmicks, We Leverage Expertise.

Our programs are built on the invaluable knowledge and experience of admissions specialists and seasoned medical professionals. We share proven techniques to showcase your strengths, navigate the complexities of both the application and interview stages, and ultimately, stand out from the crowd to get your Med School Offer.

Stop Feeling Uncertain, Start Feeling Empowered.

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Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Gain the tools and confidence you need to cross the finish line and secure your place in Medical School. 

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Our Promise To You...

If you don’t get an interview or get a medicine offer this year, we will continue to help you in the Applications and Interview Bootcamp until you do, for free.

Or, you can use the investment in the Application and Interview Bootcamp towards our GAMSAT Bootcamp to help boost your GAMSAT score.


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