GAMSAT Manifesto

Download the Infamous "GAMSAT Manifesto” Here and Learn How to Crush GAMSAT, Get Into Any Med School, and Become a F*cking Great Doctor


Hi, I’m Dr Tomasz Forfa, the ah…voice… of this brand.


But I’m also a real life person who was just like you once.


I’m a doctor now but I had to do the GAMSAT to get here.


The first time was waaaay back in 2005 and let me tell you… my position in medical school did NOT just fall into my lap.

It took me three long hard years of struggling, failing, and many difficult lessons before I finally figured out what actually has to be done to succeed in the GAMSAT…


Only to fail my first medical school interview.




That was with USyd and
it was crushing. I struggled for a bit but eventually learnt how to pick myself up and went at it again for the third and final time.

In late 2008 I got an offer for
UNDS and began my
medical career.

I learnt so much over those
years that I decided to share it
with people… for free.


That’s how my original
ebook, “How To Pass The GAMSAT”
got started.

Since its release in 2008, it’s been downloaded over 50,000 times creating a generation of new, passionate and inspired doctors and making it what’s probably the most popular GAMSAT ebook on the planet.

Short story long.

People loved it so much that I created a GAMSAT preparation company which I very creatively called, PassGAMSAT. This while also studying medicine full-time.


It was a … aah … busy time and I (shockingly) almost burnt out on a few occasions.


So my wife joined the company to help and we grew the company to a team of anywhere between 8-21 people depending on the time of the year. I also learnt additional techniques and habits to help me thrive under all the pressure and workload.


That became a very useful skill which we began teaching our students.

It became very clear to us that other than the skills and knowledge required to answer the GAMSAT questions, many of our students also struggled with:

students-us (1)
clock (1)
brain (1)

fear of failure

managing their
workload and time

and a range of
others similar areas
we now collectively

So we outgrew the concept of just “Passing the GAMSAT” and evolved into Thank Flip where we now focus on creating fu*king Great Doctors through GAMSAT education.


Meaning, we teach you not just the Physics, Chemistry, Poetry, Essay writing and other knowledge needed to crush the GAMSAT.

We also teach you the reasoning, exam and other GAMSAT skills. AND the GAMSAT mindset.

That is how we create fu*king great doctors.

And we do that through our “GAMSAT Pyramid” Methodology.

So we took the original “How to Pass The GAMSAT ebook” and mashed it with our “GAMSAT Pyramid” to create a GAMSAT guidebook unlike any other…

get the infamous GAMSAT manifesto.

Since day one, our e-book has been available for FREE. Today is no different. All you need is an email, a dream, your eyes and probably your fingers to click ‘open’.


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