Ready To Add 12 Points To Your S3 Score?*

Join the Bootcamp and Get Access to Live Science and Acceleration Classes in the Lead Up to March GAMSAT

Ready to Add 12 Points To Your S3 Score?*

Join the Bootcamp and Get Access to Live Science and Acceleration Classes in the Lead Up to March GAMSAT

If you’re a nurse or health care professional doing GAMSAT in March 2024…

If you feel stuck or unsure about where to start, want to lift your scores, or are simply looking for clarity…

You’re in the right place. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like studying the science topics, doing practice questions, writing endless essays but nothing is lifting your scores. You’re frustrated, overwhelmed and quite frankly, a bit deflated.

You know that becoming a doctor is your dream, but you’re worried about the enormous task of getting into Med School. You don’t know where to start, what to study and worry about getting it all wrong.

You’ve started your GAMSAT study but have hit a wall. You’ve got no idea what to do differently, what will work, or how to make sure that you improve and get your dream score. 

You’re not confident in the sciences (whether you have a science background or not) and find yourself either obsessing about the science section or avoiding it altogether. 

You are not alone.

There's a reason why you've been struggling (and it's not your fault!)

The truth is, the way you’ve been taught to study does not and will not work for the GAMSAT. 

Because the GAMSAT is not your usual uni exam. Plain and simple.

That’s why the usual approaches (learn topics on your own, and apply the knowledge to questions) are not going to work here. As a result, you can spend a lot of time studying but get nowhere, only to be left feeling hopeless, frustrated, and not smart enough.
I went through this myself doing the GAMSAT for 3 straight years (hi! Dr Tom here). It was a directionless, frustrating grind that only got more difficult as the years went on. The self-doubt only got worse, and I wondered “is this a sign?”

I was good at uni but the GAMSAT was getting the better of me…

Until I finally ‘cracked the code’ and got into medical school. And you can too.

The good news is — it doesn't have to be this hard!


Having all the resources, skills and techniques you need to crush this unusual exam at your finger tips.

Knowing exactly what to study, how to study and when to do it.

And having the guidance, support and accountability to keep you moving (and improving!) towards your big goal, even when life gets hard.

With the Thank Flip GAMSAT Bootcamp, you have someone holding your hand the whole way through your GAMSAT exam, application and interview prep.

There is a better way.

Your life before the Bootcamp:

Your life after the Bootcamp:


The Thank Flip gAMSAT Bootcamp

Join the only community that will not only help you crush the GAMSAT but also become the person you were meant to be.

Everything you need to get into Med School (and more!)

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

The Bootcamp includes everything you need to go from where you are, to getting into a post graduate medical school. It covers each section, plus the ‘non-academic’ side of GAMSAT preparation too. This includes things like overcoming your self-doubts, fear of failure, improving your weaknesses and honing into your strengths. 

Our promise? 

On completion, not only will you feel empowered and ready to crush the GAMSAT, you’ll also be a stronger, better person too.


gamsat section 1

Humanities & Social Sciences

We teach you the skills, and give you what you need to refine them so that you can sit Section 1 confidently even if English is your second language (like me!)

gamsat section 2

written Communication

You’ll be writing what we call “killer GAMSAT essays” in no time thanks to our online workshops and lectures covering all the required skills you need. PLUS you’ll also receive invaluable feedback for up to 24 essays as well.

gamsat section 3

aKA "The Science Section"

Get clear on exactly what knowledge you need and then develop the skills required to answer even the most difficult questions (without a science degree) thanks to our ‘GAMSAT Science Advantage” Methodology. 


One-of-a-Kind Accountability NETWORK

You’ll use our unique combination of people, systems, and coaching to help you get the work done even when life, work and uni get hard.

Enroll and you'll also receive...

5 Bonus Trainings Totally Free! (Value $997)


Inside our Applications Bootcamp you’ll learn exactly how to preference-order, where to apply, how to write a proper portfolio, how to do your personal statement — everything you need when the GAMSAT is over.

Bonus #2 - full interview bootcamp

With our Interview Bootcamp you’ll have all the tools, strategies, techniques AND practice experience you’ll need to absolutely kill it in your interview.


Our next level ‘time-bending’ training! With our Extra Study Day Advantage™ training, you’ll discover how to create at least an extra 8-10 hours of study time per week and take charge of your time. 

BONUS #4 - 'being energised to do the work' training

Whether you’re working full-time or being pulled in multiple directions, our Being Energised To Do The Work training will help you get fired up to study. 


Build belief in yourself and most importantly, maintain it for life with our Bulletproof Mindset™ training

And because Nurses make the best Doctors...


Get Access To Our Nurse-Inspired Live Science Prep Classes

Say goodbye to science stress! Introducing our new Nurse-Inspired Science Prep Classes – where science becomes your BFF, not your frenemy.

No more late-night cramming or pretending to love periodic tables. Our small group classes are your passport to GAMSAT success, sprinkled with a touch of nursing magic!

Join our live sessions (because real-time learning is the new black), or catch the recording after your shift finishes.

Our lecturers? Oh, just a bunch of science superheroes – PhDs, brainy med students, and GAMSAT gurus. They’ll guide you from science zero to GAMSAT hero faster than you can say “stat!” 

Starting December 5th, 2023 these classes will run multiple times each week right up until the March GAMSAT sitting to make sure you’re 100% set for success. 

Real talk: there are always other options...

Option 1: You can do the GAMSAT alone with free or cheap resources – which, frankly, only makes the process more difficult, confusing, and intimidating.

Option 2: You can get a generic, cheaper course – which doesn’t understand nurses, has a bunch of biomed students in it, and treats you like a number.

Option 3: Or, you can do nothing which, if you’re here reading this, you already know is a bad option that will lead for a terrible GAMSAT score.


(Then again, I’m biased! So don’t take my word for it. See what Brenden, one of our Bootcampers, says in the video below)

✅ The Complete Bootcamp
5 Bonus Trainings
Nurse-Inspired LIVE Science Prep Classes
One-of-a-Kind Acceleration Classes

That’s a Total Value of over $12,000

Choose the plan + save when you buy in full!

One payment of


14 x weekly payments of


Looking for more payment flexibility? ZipPay now available!
To arrange payment via ZipPay, simply email

Something for every learning style.

Inside the Bootcamp, you'll have access to...

Live Group
acceleration Calls

over 100 hours of content

& Checklists

1:1 tutoring
"power calls"


kick in the butt when needed

See what our Bootcampers have to say...

Meredith W

“Holy! Just have to share this. I’ve always been ok with essays and sit comfortably in the 60 range but decided to do the full bootcamp and see if I could get an overall increase. After sitting down and going through the classes, BOTH essays came back mid 80’s today!!!! Thanks so much for the help. I can’t get over the difference.”

meredith w.

Bruno S

“It hasn’t sunk in yet…that I will NEVER have to sit that god-awful exam again! I’m just riding on a high after getting my med school offer! Thank you so much for your help and support.”

bruno s.

Lucy H

“I got 72 overall and 86 for S3. I used to be so confused and so hopeless during my preparation and it’s you that gave me so much guidance and support to get me motivated again for the exam. Thank you so much!”

lucy h.

Money-Back Guarantee Website Graphic

experience the bootcamp for yourself

10-Day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident you’re going to be blow away by the content and support you’ll get inside the Bootcamp, just like hundreds of Bootcampers have before. But if within the first 10 days it’s not what we promised, or you’re simply not satisfied for whatever reason, then we’ll refund your payment in full. 

Is the Bootcamp for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

Here’s what happens Next


Together we’ll confirm if the Bootcamp is the right fit for you and customise your payment schedule. 

2. Enroll in the complete bootcamp

Yay! Mark the date on your calendar because your life changes today!

3. schedule in your welcome call

Watch the video from Mare and then book in your welcome call with the team.

4. check your inbox to login & get started

We’ll email you what you need to get start right away. 

Meet your (dream) team.

Hello, I'm Dr Tom Forfa

For the last 16 years I’ve been obsessed with helping people like you get through the GAMSAT and into medical schools. My first student was … myself. It took me 3 long, hard years to ‘figure out’ what the GAMSAT was about and get myself in. 

Along the way I saw many smart, capable, and caring people get it wrong with their preparation for this unusual exam. So when I got myself in, I started to share what I’d learnt about the GAMSAT. Since then, I’ve seen it all and helped everyone — from nurses, to physios, to musicians and army officers — get through the GAMSAT and achieve their dreams of become doctors. Now it’s your turn!

I'm Mare Forfa

I’m the “Get It Done” person on the team. I show you how to overcome your self-doubts, negative self-talk, and fear of failure to get the study done. I also spend my time training interview skills for the most competitive interview in the world AND I get to help passionate students live the life they have always dreamed of. Interview and mindset work at its finest – helping to create passionate doctors who are living their purpose. 

This is after I spent 7 years of my career in HR, helping to hire and fire within some very well known, and glamorous, companies around the world: Clarins, Versace, Prada and Citibank just to name a few. That was great, but to be honest, I knew I could be making a bigger impact on people’s lives by helping a bigger cause. So, when the chance came to work with Tom and create the next generation of doctors, I knew I had found my calling… Literally changing the world, one doctor at a tim

Our Specialist Tutors

From essays, to the humanities, to sciences, mindset, applications, and the interviews … our team covers every base needed to get you from where you are to getting into a medical school. Most are medical students who went through this process themselves, others are specialists brought in because they far exceed the skills of any medical student around (e.g. PhDs in English Literature, Masters Degrees in Social Sciences, corporate interview professionals, and more.). We’re not mucking around!

But frankly, they’re just really lovely people dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams of become a doctor, helping you to grow, and become the best version of yourself.

As seen At:

Frequently Asked Questions

From the moment you click ‘enrol’ you’ll be able to begin. We’ll schedule a personalised welcome call to get you started, then you can make the most of the holidays by diving into our pre-recorded content and joining our live calls.

If you’ve paid in full, you’ll get access to every module and all the bonuses. If you’re on one of our payment plans, then you’ll have enough to get started and we’ll increase your access at the time of your final payment. 

As far as when does the program end? Well, that’s up to you! This is an online program, so you can jump in as often as you like and digest all the content at your leisure. Access ends after your 3rd GAMSAT attempt (not that we think you’ll need that many!)

We know that life can get in the way, that’s why you’ll have full access to the Bootcamp for 3 consecutive GAMSAT attempts. 

I won’t speak for ALL courses or books – but I can confidently say that people who’ve really dived head first into our community end up experiences things like:

  • More confidence and self-belief than ever before
  • Increasing their GAMSAT scores by up to 25 points
  • Getting into medical schools they never thought possible
  • Receiving offers from multiple medical schools on their first attempt
  • Direction, clarity and structure in their preparation

When was the last time you read a textbook that brought you those kinds of results? It’s like the experience of going to a concert versus just listening to Spotify …

And how far have you really gone with other courses — where you often feel like you’re missing something and never going to catch up?

I can assure you, you will NOT feel that way in the Bootcamp. There’s no such thing as “missing something” — only progress because you’ll be supported in taking the exact steps you need and want to take for wherever you’re starting from right now.

There’s no judgment, and there’s a TON of support. (Won’t find that in a textbook!)

Tons of smart Bootcampers can’t be wrong.

Join the GAMSAT preparation course and community that gets rave reviews and real results – our Bootcamp.

In the very unlikely event you’re not completely blown away by our Bootcamp we offer a 10-day money back refund, no questions asked. Well, technically we will ask you why so we can make it better next time. 

Ready to get results like these?

Choose the plan that’s right for you and save when you pay in full. 

One payment of


14 x weekly payments of


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

We’d love to connect with you and answer your burning questions about our Bootcamp. You can email us directly at or call 0415 957 398.



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