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Thank Flip is committed to seeing more students succeed at their GAMSAT exams, so we offer free resources such as GAMSAT practice questions to help you study better for the GAMSAT and be sure you’ll ace it.  Get your free GAMSAT questions to start practising in your own time. Completing GAMSAT Practice Questions is arguably the most important aspect of your GAMSAT preparation phase, as it allows you to develop your reasoning skills and familiarise yourself with the style of questions you’ll face on the day of the exam. Using practice GAMSAT questions is often one part of an overall preparation strategy and approached following a familiarisation with the different areas of content that typically appear in the GAMSAT exam.

Relying on free GAMSAT resources for your examination is crucial to your preparation. A practice test allows you to try things out and see where you are at and which concepts you might be struggling with or strong in. Most importantly, practice tests allow self-reflection on the key aspects of both general test-taking abilities and those specific to the GAMSAT.

Taking a GAMSAT free practice test allows you to gauge how quickly you answer questions in sections I and III. Many students struggle to finish these sections on time and resort to guessing a significant portion of questions at the end of the time. Therefore, even simply finishing all questions on time gives you a significant edge over other students.

Doing a GAMSAT Practice Test with Thank Flip Free Resources

Doing a GAMSAT practice test online allows you to see whether you are completing questions on time, or spending too long on individual questions. It allows you to gauge how long a set of questions takes as opposed to individual questions, and start to get a sense of how to allocate time between large and smaller stems.

In Section 2 Written Communication, many students need to complete two essays in the time frame allocated. If you take a practice test, you can get a sense of what length is reasonable to aim for yourself and challenge yourself to balance quality/quantity. You also get a sense of the bank of ideas you have at your disposal and whether you need to develop more knowledge and material to imbue your essays with.

Free GAMSAT Preparation Materials

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If you’re looking for some free GAMSAT Practice Questions, you can find several examples below, separated according to their different Sections:

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